F. Jannone AG

Official distributor for Leister Switzerland


Although the Leister tools are robust and can be used efficiently even in difficult conditions, their durability will be increased by careful handling and regular maintenance. To what you have to pay attention in detail with the respective tools, you can learn from the enclosed instruction manual. If you use the tools for continuous operation or very frequently and in difficult environmental conditions, we recommend that you regularly send in the tools for maintenance. In case you are not sure how often you have to service the tools, you are welcome to contact us. If you notice an erratic heat output or a change in the noise of your tools, this is a reliable indication for an impending failure. In such cases we recommend that you send in the tools, even if they still function otherwise. Usually the maintenance of the received tools is carried out within 1 – 2 days. The heating elements of the Leister tools can also be ordered separately, so that you can replace them yourself.