F. Jannone AG

Official distributor for Leister Switzerland


ELECTRO ST, the strong hand tool

The ELECTRON ST is a real powerhouse among Leister's hand tools.

ELECTRON ST, das starke Handgerät

  • Suitable for construction sites
  • Leister's most powerful hand tool
  • Easy-clean air filter
  • Carbon stop and heating element protection
  • Sturdy tool case
  • ELECTRON nozzles fit the new model.

HOT JET, S, the Small hand tool

The HOT-JET S ist the smallest hand tool worldwide. Low-noise and handy.

HOT JET S, das kleine Handgerät

  • Smallest hand tool worldwide
  • Temperature electronically and steplessly adjustable
  • Air flow electronically and steplessly adjustable
  • Electronic protection of the heating element
  • Low-noise
  • Integrated flexible tool stand

TRIAC AT, le robuste appareil de soufflerie à air chaud

The TRIAC AT is an intelligent yet robust hot air tool for welding and shrinking plastic.

TRIAC AT, das robuste Heissluftgerät

  • Suitable for the work site
  • Closed loop controlled temperature
  • Open loop controlled air volume
  • Intelligent «e-Drive» operating unit
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Modern design

TRIAC S, the economical hand tool

The TRIAC S is used worldwide and he is very reliable, compact and robust.

TRIAC S, das kostengünstige Handgerät

  • Cooled protective tube
  • Electronic protection of the heating element
  • Automatic switchoff at minimum carbon brush length
  • Multiple replacement of carbon brush possible
  • Suitable for continuous operation

TRIAC ST, the ergonomic hand tool

The TRIAC ST is the successor model of the TRIAC S. it is primarily used for welding and processing plastic.

TRIAC ST, das ergonomische Handgerät

  • Suitable for the work side
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Low weight (less than 1 Kg)
  • The nozzles are compatible with the Triac S and the Triac AT
  • Quick clean air filters
  • Automatic carbon stop (collector protection) and heating element protection

GROOVY gouging tool

The new “GROOVY” gouging tool is the lightweight, handy tool for the experienced layer of elastic floor coverings made of PVC or linoleum. Its ergonomic shape makes it possible to achieve the desired groove width and depth up to the connecting walls, defined and clean-cut, with little pressure.

GROOVY Handfugenhobel

  • Lightweight and handy

  • Groove preparation without milling

  • Clean transition from machine-milled groove to the closure

  • Ideal for surfaces that are small and difficult to access

  • Precise working thanks to roller guide

  • Groove gouging up to connecting walls

  • Adjustable groove depth


The MINIFLOOR turns your hot-air hand tool into an automatic welder within seconds; increases the weld quality, facilitates work, and reduces time considerably.


  • The only automatic welder with the possibility of connecting a hot-air hand tool in the simplest manner

  • Worthwhile from weld lengths of 1.20 m/4 ft

  • Swiss Quality you can rely on

  • Due to (51 mm/2 inches) minimum distance from the wall, there is only one required joint along the weld seam, and THAT saves time!

  • Weighting in at 6.6 kg / 15 lbs (incl. TRIAC AT / nozzles) the MINIFLOOR is a lightweight and easily transportable solution

  • Outstanding precision along the joint line


With the UNIFLOOR E you can weld floor coverings made of PVC-P, PE, linoleum and modified thermoplastics without any reconfiguration, up to 7.5 meters per minute.


  • Reproducible results thanks to digital display of set and actual values
  • Electronically controlled heating
  • Steplessly controlled air flow
  • All floor coverings welded without reconfiguration
  • Automatic start
  • Integrated wall switch


The UNIFLOOR S is for welding floor coverings made of PVC-P, PE, linoleum and modified thermoplastics. Without digital display. With potentiometer for welding speed and air temperature.


  • Small, light and compact
  • Integrated wall switch
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Electronically controlled heating and drive



The GROOVER is for dust-free milling of floor coverings made of PVC-P, PE and linoleum.


  • Milling of all floor coverings
  • Very high two-stage milling rotation speed
  • Easy and safe handling
  • Adjustable guide roll for groove accuracy
  • Particle- and dust-free operation thanks to integrated additional fan and dust bag
  • Milling close to the edge possible